NTU Singapore and leading cyber security company FireEye are inking a partnership to explore new areas in cyber security research, and to develop courses to meet the rising demand for cyber security professionals needed to help defend Singapore’s networks.

Scientists from NTU Singapore have developed an ultrafast high-contrast camera that could help self-driving cars and drones see better in extreme road conditions and in bad weather.

All six of Singapore's publicly-funded universities, including NTU, will for the first time offer a common course to equip tertiary students with a sound grasp of socio-economic issues and challenges faced by Singapore, such as a rapidly ageing society, security threats and rising global competition. Called "Singapore: Imagining the Next 50 Years", the course also aims to nurture and stimulate critical thinking and creative ideas to help Singapore cope with future challenges and issues. NTU is the overall coordinator for the 12-week course, which will be conducted online and through face-to-face discussions.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), JTC and SMRT Services Pte Ltd (SMRT) have joined forces to develop innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate multiple modes of transportation, for better connectivity and accessibility. These include electric automated vehicles, bike sharing systems and personal mobility devices such as e-scooters.

A research tie-up between NTU and United States-based non-profit organization Mitre Corporation, which was signed on Thursday (9 Feb), will examine how artificial intelligence can be applied in Singapore’s courts to improve court operations and productivity. The two parties also signed another research agreement on developing smart-building technologies to improve workplace safety.

NTU students aiming for the summit of the corporate world can now join a new leadership development programme. Dubbed NTU PEAK, it seeks to match high-ability second- and third-year undergraduates with senior executives of partnering firms. Three firms - Mediacorp, NCH Singapore and Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company - signed memorandums of understanding for the programme with NTU during the launch of its Career Fair. A record 4,400 jobs are available and 240 employers are participating in this year's Fair.

Just feeling poor can make a person want to chow down. An NTU study of 500 people found that those who were made to feel poor ate around 20 per cent more in calories than other participants. NTU assistant professor Bobby Cheon, who headed the study, said the results show that the link between poverty and obesity goes deeper than what is usually thought.

NTU and Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have signed a joint research agreement to develop innovate technologies to fight Advanced Persistent Threats, which are stealthy hacking processes that target large organisations and state agencies. Called the Bio-Inspired Agile Cyber Security Assurance Framework, it will involve faculty and research staff from both universities, and will receive S$3 million in joint funding from NTU, BGU and Singapore's National Research Foundation.

​​Even though technology and innovation will be key to Singapore's future, the humanities and social sciences will also play a crucial role in helping to understand and manage complex social and policy issues in the quest to become a Smart Nation. That is why NTU's new School of Humanities and School of Social Sciences will have an important role to play in the Singapore of tomorrow.

In the Financial Times’ annual global ranking of MBA programmes, NTU’s Nanyang Business School took joint 24th place with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in the United States, up from 29th last year.

To help new A level graduates make better decisions on which academic field of study and career they should pursue, NTU's Nanyang Business School introduced specially-developed profile tests to help match them with suitable degrees and career paths at its annual Career Fair. The test, which is based on the students' character, interests, skills and values, would give them a crucial headstart in planning for their future.

A national cluster has been set up to help companies tap into 3D printing. Speaking at the launch of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), Ministry of Trade and Industry permanent secretary Loh Khum Yean noted that 3D printing has gone from being a prototyping tool to an essential technology that can raise manufacturing productivity. NAMIC comprises the research institutions of NTU, NUS and SUTD.

NTU and NXP Semiconductors have launched the Smart Mobility Consortium. The NTU-NXP Smart Mobility Consortium currently includes 12 industry partners, with the common aim of testing and developing smart mobility technologies. The consortium makes use of the NTU campus as a test bed.

The first Singapore satellite launched from the International Space Station took place successfully on Monday evening. Called AOBA VELOX-III, it is a joint project between NTU and Japan's Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech). It is also the seventh satellite that NTU has launched.

NTU scientists have developed a way to turn one of the fastest memory chips in the market into a computer processor. This means that devices in future can become even thinner, smaller, yet faster, as the memory chip can also process data efficiently. Developed and tested together with German scientists, this innovation is considered a breakthrough, as it trumps existing processors using the conventional binary system in terms of speed and efficiency.

A new study has shown that toddlers as young as two-and-a-half years old can understand when others have different thoughts from them – much earlier than the age of four as traditionally thought. This suggests that children may know when adults are lying or pretending.

NTU took part in the 12th QS-Asia-Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference and Exhibition (APPLE) in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The three-day event which discussed the way forward for improving tertiary education standards saw more than 600 participants from 140 institutions across 31 countries. NTU also showcased its award-winning 3D printed electric car at the event which was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

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