NTU hosts international conference on fighting foodborne disease outbreaks

Published on : 12-Jun-2019

More than 250 eminent scientists and experts from over 40 countries converged at NTU to discuss new strategies to combat foodborne disease. The 12th Meeting of the Global Microbial Identifier (GMI) Conference organised by the NTU Food Technology Centre (NAFTEC) also aims to develop an international DNA database containing the full genomes of all investigated microorganisms around the world.

​Media Reports:

-The Straits Times, 13 June 2019, page B2 and online
-The New Paper, 13 June 2019, page 6
-Channel NewsAsia, 12 Jun 2019, 10pm
-Channel 5, 12 Jun 2019, 9pm 
-Channel 8, 12 Jun 2019, 10pm 
-Channel U, 12 Jun 2019, 11pm
-Vasantham, 12 Jun 2019, 8.30pm 
-Suria, 12 Jun 2019, 8pm 
-Shin Min Daily News, 12 Jun 2019, page 5

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