X-SAT beams images back to Singapore

Published on : 25-May-2011

Singapore’s first locally-built micro-satellite has started transmitting images back home. NTU embarked on the project with DSO National Laboratories in 2002, hoping to generate interest among the young in engineering R&D. The X-SAT, as it is known, sent the first image of Singapore on 7 May, more than two weeks after its launch. On 7 May, the micro-satellite orbited within a 3,000-km radius of Singapore – an ideal range to send back its first image of Tuas. That morning, the satellite passed by the western part of Singapore. Four days later, the ground centre received the first complete image of Singapore. Scientists can use the satellite photographs to track environmental changes, such as soil erosion and oil pollution. Director of NTU's Satellite Research Centre, Associate Professor Low Kay Soon, said the successful transmission of images was a great achievement for Singapore. “Space science is the pinnacle of science and technology. We hope to train more undergraduates to work in the field of satellites.” X-SAT will be exhibited at the Science Centre Singapore over the June school holidays.
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